copyright: Sarah Blard

copyright: Sarah Blard


Short Fiction, Turkish - French, 2019 / in development with the support of the Ministry of Culture in Turkey and the Municipality of Paris

Director: Zeynep Köprülü Producers: Utku Zeka, Igal Kohen

Production Companies: Periferi Film, IKO


Synopsis: Aylin can’t get a residence permit. A few years ago she came to France to pursue her dream of becoming a theatre actress but she did not imagine that she would be caught in an administrative spiral that propels her to the rank of clandestine. Today, her father is seriously ill and if she returns to her native country to say goodbye to her father, she will not be able to enter French territory again. She will have to give up the life she built up in France. 

  • Midpoint Short Script Development Workshop 2018